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I'm Ashley, a Certified Nutritionist who specializes in gut health and

blood sugar management. I'm thrilled to have you here!

Sustainably Balanced

Believe it or not, I used to be the most unhealthy while in school studying health and nutrition…

I have always struggled with body dysmorphia and with my weight fluctuating up and down. Exercise for me was something I always enjoyed doing, but there would be times when I would go “extra hard” because I felt genuinely confident in my appearance and would pick apart all of the ways that I needed to change to love myself.​

I would go through periods of tracking everything I ate throughout the day to ensure I was not consuming over 1,000 calories, but then I would binge hard at night.

I was certainly not living the healthiest life during my time in school. Sure, I worked out, packed my lunch and rarely bought food at the school cafeteria. Still, I spent days slugging along, constantly craving and purchasing coffee (my consumption was anywhere from 20-35 oz. a day), sugar for an energy boost (Tim Hortons Timbits were a real addiction), and constantly tired.

I was SO uncomfortable with my bloat that I would live in leggings and baggy/loose-fitting tops (never crop tops). It was a cycle that never ended.

It wasn’t until I started to look at food as empowerment- food as medicine that I began to feel better about myself. 


One day I decided that enough was enough! I HAD and needed to make myself the number one priority, and this began with nourishing myself with nutrient-dense foods, getting a quality night’s sleep (and keeping a consistent sleep schedule), and slowly began to lower my caffeine consumption.

I now view health as:

  • feeling confident in my skin

  • trusting my body and the process

  • giving it all the nourishment it needs and deserves

  • enjoying food with family and friends

  • moving my body in a way that feels good and I enjoy


  • Mohawk College: Diploma in Health, Wellness, and Fitness

  • Certified Precision Nutrition PN-L1 Nutrition Coach 

Sustainably Balanced

My life changed for the better when I began shifting my focus to fueling my body with foods that nourished me from the inside out and becoming more aware of what I was putting in my body.


Gut Health

Blood Sugar Management

Digestive Wellness

Meal Planning

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