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Are you ready to reveal the strongest, most confident
version of yourself?

Do you...

  • ​Want to heal but you're unsure of what your first step is

  • Spend WAY too much money on fancy health foods and supplements that don’t solve your problem?

  • Spend your time confused about what diet is best because of Instagram and TikTok

  • Go to Dr. Google for all of your health related questions and are tired of getting mixed messages

  • Crave sugar majority of the time

  • Live in leggings because you're uncomfortable with your bloat?

  • Wonder what it would be like if you just “just took a step already?"

Ashley, a nutritionist, smiling while cutting an orange in a modern kitchen.
Nutritionist Ashley preparing a healthy fruit salad with fresh, sustainably sourced strawberries and berries.

Food is far more than just calories and energy that fuel our bodies. It contains information and instructions that regulate every function of our bodies.

People in the fitness industry promote energy balance as a weight loss strategy, and it's not. It is a scientific truth but not a strategy for people, especially for people tasked with navigating the modern food environment, which at any opportunity is trying to sell you ultra-processed foods that are not designed to be consumed in moderation.
By trying to eat just smaller portions of your favourite foods, you're setting yourself up for failure and chronic hunger, which is why diets tend to be unsustainable. You can't think of this as being a quick and temporary fix. It's not a diet; it's a lifestyle. And when you focus on what you eat, you don't have to worry about how much.

What I've come to learn is that you don't have to define your diet. Instead, do what makes you feel good! My approach encourages you to build a happy and healthy relationship with food through habits-based behaviour change, mindset shifts, and creating supportive environments.
Setting yourself up for success involves incorporating the proper habits and practicing them consistently until they become second nature. My mission is to help you build long-term, sustainable habits that will improve your life and help you authentically achieve your goals!
It is important to remember that ALL foods have a place, whether it be in abundance or moderation, and only YOU should be the one to decide how and where they fit into your lifestyle!

My goal by the end of our time together is for you to feel confident enough to take your health into your own hands. I want to empower you to feel like you can do it all because I know you can!

8-week package

  • 1 hour 1:1 onboarding video call to dive deep into your health history and concerns, lifestyle, schedule, and to get to know you and fully understand your needs

  • Two 30 minute check in video calls month to review the program to answer questions and provide additional support.

  • Access to a private client portal for convenience and ease 

  • Unlimited communication via private client portal

  • Fully customized recipe eBook with delicious recipes that will help you take the guesswork out of trying to figure out what to eat to best support your health goals.

  • Discounts on supplements

  • Personalized protocols including food, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations based on your health struggles, needs, and goals  

  • Access to downloadable guides, references, and PDF's to shop and eat well

Modern farmhouse kitchen
A healthy and balanced snack
Image by Joanna Rae Lopez

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